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Attention Mission Chairs and Committees

missions Did you know that to support a missionary pastor in the Red Bird Missionary Conference is the same as supporting a missionary anywhere in the world? The advantage is that you get the opportunity to develop a lasting relationship with this missionary, in which you can come to visit them and see firsthand the work they are doing. You have the opportunity to get to know the people they are serving and become involved in that work yourselves. You can send teams to their churches, receive letters from them in regards to the work, and even arrange for them to come and visit and share about the ways in which the love of God is being shared and shown in southeastern Kentucky. If you are interested in having a speaker or receiving more information about missionaries and the work taking place within the Red Bird Missionary Conference please call 606-598-5915 or email

Faithful Volunteers

Dan Haggard Serving God takes a variety of talents and abilities. Volunteers are a key component of our ministry here within the Red Bird Missionary Conference. Dale Haggard and Miriam Miller are two long time volunteers that have faithfully served in the conference office for over 20 years. The Red Bird Missionary Conference staff is very appreciative of their help and dedication. In an interview they were asked why the work at Red Bird was so important to their hearts and what it means to be a volunteer. Here is an excerpt, the entire articles can be found on our website at We hope that as you read about these two long time faithful volunteers that you too will think about making a trip the Red Bird Missionary Conference in order to experience first hand the amazing ministry that God has taking place here in the heart of Appalachia. more >

Building a Solid Foundation

make a pledge Rev. Steven Riddle and his wife Jeannine came here from Florida to serve last spring.  They immediately began visiting the community and building relationships. One such friendship began between a woman named Henrietta and Jeannine.  Henrietta began to attend the Beverly United Methodist Church. She got very involved and subsequently gave her life to Christ. She then began working extensively with the children and youth. Henrietta wanted to be baptized, however some health issues kept her from being able to be immersed in the frigid January creek. Although, she wanted to be immersed, she settled to be sprinkled instead. more >

Welcome to Red Bird Missionary Conference

Red Bird Missionary Conference Welcome to the Red Bird Missionary Conference, Inc. Web Site

So let's begin...
What is Red Bird Missionary Conference?

The Red Bird Missionary Conference is one of three missionary conferences in the United States, the other two are: Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference and Alaska Missionary Conference. A missionary conference serves in an area where local resources cannot meet the needs; therefore mission support from the whole Church is necessary.

Red Bird Missionary Conference is located in the Southeastern Kentucky. It is the most comprehensive mission effort of The United Methodist Church in the United States, providing outreach and services that minister to the whole person (spiritual, physical, social, and economic).

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Wings for Red Bird

Red Bird Missionary Conference 1 John 5:3: "This is how we know that we love the children of God: by loving God and carrying out his commandments."

Churches or Individuals can give Wings to ministry in Southeastern Kentucky.


Wings for Red Bird was specially designed to give individuals, and congregations small and large, a flexible, affordable way to continue sharing the love of God through ministries in the mountains of Southeastern Kentucky. Click Here to learn more.

Changes in Associates in Mission (AIMS) Giving and the Advance

The Red Bird Missionary Conference wants to express our heartfelt thanks for your extremely valued support. Only with your support are we able to do ministry here in the Appalachian hills of Eastern Kentucky. With our conference area being a part of some of the lowest economic areas of Kentucky and the whole United States, support and help from people and groups like you are vital to our work. more >

Bennett Center to Close

bennett center The Board of Directors of The Bennett Center Inc. in London, KY has voted to dissolve the non-profit organization. The United Methodist Women Inc. informed the Board of their intention to sell the property. The decision to sell the property along with the decrease in income from organizations renting the facilities precipitated this decision. The last day of business for the Bennett Center will be October 31st.

The Bennett Center, a Christian, non-profit organization located in Kentucky's Southeastern Appalachian Mountains, was founded in 1998. The Bennett Center has historically offered opportunities to all persons for wholeness through programs that address their spiritual, educational, physical, social and cultural needs.

The Bennett Center is located on the grounds of the former Sue Bennett College.
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Missionary Support:
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