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Red Bird Missionary Conference
Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some of our more frequently asked questions. Please look over this list and if you still can't find what you are looking for please email us at

1. I've been asked to make a presentation or bulletin board display on Red Bird, can you help me?
2. How do I go about bringing a volunteer work group?
3. What coupons/labels do you collect?
4. How does our group/congregation support a missionary in the Red Bird Missionary Conference?
5. I have items to send. Where do I send them?
6. We want to come and see ministry in action. How do we arrange a visit?
7. I've always wanted to spend time serving in mission. Do you need volunteers?
8. When is the "mission truck" coming through our area?

1. - Telling The Story
First, the words "Red Bird" are used in many titles, each of which describes different things.

Red Bird Missionary Conference includes the entire work - churches, outreaches, and institutions.

Red Bird Clinic and Red Bird Mission are two of four institutions within the Red Bird Missionary Conference.

The other two institutions - Henderson Settlement and The Bennett Center are also part of Red Bird Missionary Conference.

Each entity of Red Bird Missionary Conference has a separate Advance Special number for mission giving.

Secondly, the Conference office can send you printed materials and/or our video for your presentation that covers all aspects of our ministries. Just email us at and let us know what and how many you need.

Thirdly, trained speakers are available (one might be near your area) that can make a presentation to your group. If you contact us at

2. - Workteams/VIM
There are three primary locations for workteams/VIM groups - The Bennett Center (London, KY), Henderson Settlement (Frakes, KY), and Red Bird Mission (Beverly, KY). See Information on Work camps.

All require scheduling far in advance - up to a year for summer month reservations.

3. - Coupon-Saving and Campbells Labels
Items collected by ministries within RBMC include "Campbell's Labels for Education", "General Mills Boxtops for Education"; and "Tyson Project A+ Labels for Education".

Please click on each name to be directed to information regarding the packaging and shipping of labels for Red Bird Mission and Henderson Settlement.

We frequently get requests regarding used Sunday School materials, eyeglasses, stamps... Please take a look at information regarding these and similar items and their present need status.

4. Support A Missionary
One of the greatest needs in the Red Bird Missionary Conference is support for missionaries working throughout our ministries. Please visit the "Missionary Support" portion of our website for the ways that you can be involved in missionary support within the Red Bird Missionary Conference.

5. Shipping Information
That all depends on your donation. We have many needs within the Red Bird Missionary Conference ministries, some similar between areas of ministries - some very individual to a ministry. Items may be shipped to one individual ministry or may be divided between ministries.

We appreciate your support and would like to remind you to be good financial stewards by checking shipping costs between mailers/shippers. Also consider making reservations to bring items to RBMC and taking a day and a half to visit our ministries while you are here.

The following are shipping address for the five segments of the Red Bird Missionary Conference and information you will need to know. Henderson Settlement and Red Bird Mission are the two mission institutions with clothing/opportunity stores. Donations sent to one or the other location are used at that specific location. Boxes should be clearly marked "Clothing Store/Opportunity Store" to help expedite getting materials to the correct building.

Churches and Outreach Ministries
c/o Red Bird Missionary Conference
54 Queendale Center
Beverly, KY 40913-9607

The Bennett Center
290 Bennett Circle
London, KY 40741

Henderson Settlement
Hwy 190
PO Box 205
Frakes, KY 40940

Red Bird Mission/Red Bird Clinic
70 Queendale Center
Beverly, KY 40913

6. Visits/Directions
Visits are a great way to see how you are a part of our ministries. Because of this we have dedicated an entire section for information regarding visits. We would like to stress that while we enjoy having visitors, it is in your best interest to plan visits in advance. Because most of our ministries are in a rural setting, details such as meals, housing, etc. are not readily available on short notice. Also, to get the most out of your time with us, planning in advance allows us to have staff available to show you around our campuses, churches, etc. and answer any questions you may have.

Please click here to learn more about visiting the ministries of the Red Bird Missionary Conference.

7. Volunteers
Groups of five or more persons are generally considered a workteam.

Individual volunteer programs are available through The Bennett Center, Henderson Settlement, and Red Bird Clinic/Red Bird Mission. From time to time volunteers are also needed for short-term service in churches and outreach centers and/or the Conference center.

Volunteers can serve anywhere from a couple of days to months at a time. The most important thing to remember is scheduling MUST be done in advance. Individual volunteer packets are available that include an application and other materials that you will need to know. Housing facilities are sometimes limited from campus to campus. Like year-round staff, criminal background checks are required of all staff, including volunteers.

Please contact the Conference office if you are interested in volunteering at our Conference center, Churches and Outreach Centers, or Camp O' Cumberlands.

Red Bird Missionary Conference
54 Queendale Center
Beverly, KY 40913

Or contact the following mission institutions for more information about their volunteer opportunities available:

Please note "Att: Volunteer Coordinator" on correspondence.

The Bennett Center
240 Bennett Circle
London, KY 40741

Henderson Settlement
PO Box 205
Frakes, KY 40940

Red Bird Clinic/Red Bird Mission
70 Queendale Center
Beverly, KY 40913

8. Other Questions
Red Bird Missionary Conference does not have a truck that travels around surrounding states to pickup donations, nor does its mission institutions of Henderson Settlement and Red Bird Mission.

The "mission truck" is through Methodist Mountain Mission which is a part of the Kentucky Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church. Their truck does not supply clothing to clothing stores in the Red Bird Missionary Conference. Methodist Mountain Mission may be contacted at 606-666-7795 or email